How to rent

You can rent the boat “naked and raw” (the professionals of the sector call it bareboat) and conduct it personally, or request the presence on board of a skipper.

The rental without skipper of our company is the ideal solution for those who have sufficient sailing experience and are able to form their own crew independently with family or friends. It is a choice of freedom, which however must not be at the expense of security. We therefore recommend embarking on this adventure only to those who have already ventured into the role of skipper and to choose for the first time a route that is not too demanding and clearly must have the appropriate nautical license.

If, on the other hand, you want to leave all the tasks of navigation to our Skippers and enjoy the whole cruise in complete relaxation, we will be happy to assist you with a person not only expert in navigation but also profoundly expert in the marine and terrestrial places of Northern Sardinia.
After deciding whether to rent a boat with or without skipper and choosing one of our boats, it is important to contact us by phone – fax or e-mail and request an option, that is, a temporary booking that will give you the right of first refusal on the boat you wish to rent.

We can also be contacted from this website, from the quote and contacts page, through the Messenger chat or a search for freight availability from our home page

The option does not bind to any type of commitment on your part. After a week, the option will automatically lapse without any problems.


If you confirm your request, the contract will be sent to you immediately, which must be completed and signed in duplicate.
Download the Contract and the Passenger List from here

The contract (in duplicate) and the bank transfer receipt attesting payment of 50% must be sent by post to our registered office; the balance must be paid within 1 month of departure. Payments can be made by cash or bank transfer

Together with the contract, a passenger list will be sent which must be sent back to us when the balance is paid. It is not allowed to embark people other than those included in the list. It is possible, before boarding, to make changes provided that they are promptly sent to EUROPE SAIL.

Deposit (mandatory): € 2,000 for S.O. 33ì, 35 and 36ì; € 2,500 for S.O. 39 and 43; € 3,000 for S.O. 42ì, 439ì, 49ì; € 5,000 for J53.
The deposit that must be paid upon embarkation is a deposit to guarantee coverage of the insurance deductible for any minor damage caused during the rental. It can be paid by credit card and will be returned upon return of the boats and after any non-damage checks.

Extras (payable in cash or credit card upon boarding) include:

  • Hostess: 120 € per day + food
  • Outboard engine: 120 € per week
  • Linen: € 20 per person
  • Protective net for children: € 130 up to 39 ′; € 150 from 42 ‘to 49ì; € 160 for J53
  • Transfer: from Portisco to Olbia airport / port and vice versa € 45 for groups of up to 4 people; for groups of 5 to 8 people € 70; for groups from 9 to 16 people € 125 each way
  • Gennaker: € 200 per week


  • Fuel for boat: The boat is delivered with a full tank of fuel (diesel) and must be returned with a full tank or by paying the difference of the one consumed increased by 15%
  • Fuel for the outboard engine: the outboard (opt) for the tender (always included) is delivered with a full tank of fuel (mixture), and must be returned with a full tank or by paying the difference of the one consumed (the differences are retained by the deposit)
  • Water: the boat is delivered with a full tank of water. Subsequent top ups during the freight are at the expense of the customer. It is not necessary to return it with full tank
  • Galley: is charged to the customer. However, it is possible to ask to be found already on board, providing a shopping list and paying a percentage of 15% of the total receipt


Final cleaning is mandatory and is paid upon embarkation
The figure varies according to the size of the boat:

  • € 130 from 33rd to 39th
  • € 150 from 42ì to 439i
  • € 170 for the 49th
  • € 200 for J53

The berth

Included all months except for the months of July and August in which the night of the arrival day (Saturday) and that of the return day (Friday) are included

Weekly boarding

For weekly rentals, check-in takes place on Saturday afternoon from 18:00 and then embarks later
The boat will have to return to its port of landing on Friday at 17:00 to carry out the final check (check-out)
However, it is possible to stay overnight on the boat until 09:00 on Saturday (unless otherwise agreed)

Boarding for the weekend
The weekend starts from Friday afternoon at 17:00 (unless otherwise agreed) until Sunday at 18:00. 2 rental days are calculated

Short freights

The boat can be hired, compatibly with other commitments, for longer or shorter periods of the week or weekend
The cost of the boat rental only is calculated on the basis of a percentage of the weekly cost only (see Rates page)

Check-in and Check-out

The check-in is carried out at 18:00 on Saturday during which the company staff will illustrate, to the lessee (during the check-in it is allowed to board the boat only to the lessee), the boat in detail and will highlight the status in which the vehicle is delivered. In carrying out this operation, the staff will demonstrate the use of on-board equipment and equipment as well as their location. At the request of the lessee and if the technical times allow, the company will be able to check-in in advance of the established time

Check-out will take place at 09:00 on the Saturday of landing

This operation, performed by the company staff in the presence of the lessee only, consists in checking the boat so that it is returned in the same conditions in which it was delivered. It is also possible not to check-out, in which case the deposit will be returned only after verification of no damage by bank transfer

Formula One Way (on request)

It is possible to leave the rented boat in another port other than the boarding port only if previously and contractually provided; it is however always possible, if compatible with other subsequent rentals (to be communicated when booking the boat)
The cost will depend on how far the landing port is from our company’s nautical base

Transfer service

From Portisco to Olbia airport / port and vice versa € 45 for groups of up to 4 people; for groups of 5 to 8 people € 70; for groups from 9 to 16 people € 125 each way

To contact us:

Office: (+39) 346 8695337

Nicola Saracino: (+39) 340 2975458
Salvatore Locci: (+39) 347 6305930