A job was born from a great passion for the sea

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Europe Sail Yachting & Charter is a dream come true. Born in 1999 by will and with many sacrifices from two friends.

Salvatore and Nicola in founding this charter company have brought their passion for the sea and sailing to become a job. From the initial fleet of 2 boats purchased in 2002, they have grown to the remarkable achievement of 12 boats ranging from 33 to 53 feet today.

It is a single-brand fleet, made up entirely of boats of the prestigious French brand Jeanneau, the world leader in the production of sailing boats.
The choice fell on this brand since the purchase of the first boats with the awareness of having chosen the best boats suitable for sailing in full comfort and safety. In 2008 they were rewarded for their strong determination by the Jeanneau shipyard which decided to entrust him with the exclusive dealership for the sailing sector in Sardinia: work that they still carry out with pride and fussiness with Europe Yachts.

The pristine parks of the Maddalena Archipelago, the Bocche di Bonifacio, Tavolara and the “pearl” Costa Smeralda, constitute the main scenario in which Europe Sail carries out its business in full harmony with nature.

When you think of the sea and everything that surrounds it, you certainly cannot help but imagine the sailboat that pushed by the wind, with the only sound of the waves slamming on the hull, allows you to experience suggestive emotions close contact with nature.

The favorable climate of this “corner of paradise” and the ever-present wind ensure the ideal conditions for a sailing holiday at any time of the year.

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